2000 years ago, give or take a few decades, a man hung on a cross for all mankind. He didn’t do it because he had to or needed to or was required to do it to show who he was. He did it because he wanted to. Simple actually. He was sent by his father to be the sacrifice that for centuries had been a goat.  An unblemished goat that was perfect in every way or at least as perfect as they could find.

This man was perfect in every way. He had in no way ever committed a sin. He never spoke a cross word to anyone nor did he ever swear. He loved with a righteous love that was so overwhelming that people flocked to him.

Why did they flock to him you might ask. He had a charismatic way about him. He was not overbearing. He didn’t speak in fancy words that no one could understand. He spoke in simple terms so that no man would be left out. He spoke in parables that he didn’t explain as to leave the people wondering what he meant. Wait that’s wrong,’s early. He spoke in parables and then he explained the parable afterwords so that no man was left out in understanding.

He enjoyed being around people but like all of us, he needed time to himself so that he could decompress and talk to his father. When children came around he didn’t send them away, rather he encouraged them to come and play. I think he enjoyed the unbridled laughter and enjoyment.

Unfortunately the enjoyment ended and he found out how fickle people are. At the time he needed them, they turned their backs on him and threw him under the bus. He could have lashed out and cursed them. He could have screamed and yelled and called them all kind of names but he didn’t. he did the one thing that although he had told them many times would happen, he let them take him and torture him. 

He didn’t put up a fight nor did he cry out for help. He could of. He could have called down an army of angels to free him from a death so horrible, we would faint at the thought of it. He was punished so bad that he even his punishers were affected.

Who is this man I speak of. Well, it is Jesus Christ. The only Son of the Most High God, Jehovah. Jesus, the name above all names. The holy and complete sacrifice. He did what no other God of this world had the nerve to do. He put his life on the line for ALL of mankind. He did so willingly. 

This blog is about belief. What do i believe. I will tell you. 

The Apostle Creed

I believe in God the Father, maker of heaven and earth 
And in Jesus Christ His only Son 
I believe in the virgin birth 
I believe in the Man of Sorrows bruised for iniquities 
I believe in the Lamb who was
Crucified and hung between two thieves
I believe in the resurrection on the
Third and glorious day 
And I believe in the empty tomb and the
Stone that the angel rolled away 
He descended and set the captives free 
And now He sits at God’s right hand
And prepares a place for me
This is my creed, the witness I have heard 
The faith that has endured 
This truth is assured 
Through the darkest ages past 
Though persecuted, it will last 
And I will hold steadfast to this creed
I believe He sent His Spirit to comfort and to reveal 
To lead us into the truth and light, to baptize and to seal 
I believe that He will come back the way He went away 
And receive us all unto Himself, but no man knows the day
I believe He is the Judge of all men, small and great 
The resurrected souls of men receive from Him their fate 
Some to death and some to life, some to their reward 
Some to sing eternal praise forever to our Lord
That is what I believe! Jesus Christ. King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The Master of my soul. the only way to the Father. The only one that is going to get you there. He has and always will be the only one for me!

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