My Stream If You Care To Listen In.

I DJ in Second Life and I have been asked how is the best way to listen in. Well If it is on your phone, VLC media player is best unless you use an Iphone, then Itunes is good. You canĀ  download VLC here:

VLC Media Player For Android

Or you can get it through Google Play

If you want to listen through your computer, get either Itunes or VLC for windows.

The go get the Listen.pls file to listen in.

(My Stream)

Now you need to know the schedule that I have. Go here

My Schedule

What do I play? I play rock, classic rock, blues, jazz, disco, funk, Christian Rock, Top 40. (I don’t play f-bomb music or gangsta rap. I refuse to play music that degrades women or children or is racist. Neither do I play Techno or trance or any other electronic music, it gives me a headache (yes folks I am an old fart!))


“Keep Looking UP! His Coming Is Nigh!”